About the Blog

Teaching with Touchstone is a blog for teachers.  It looks at some of the functionality of Touchstone Online but its main goal is to help teachers settle into their new roles online.  The posts vary between practical advice and theoretical discussion so there should be something for everyone.  If there is something you’d like to read about but haven’t found it here yet, please do let us know!

About the Author

Deirdre Cijffers is Blended Learning Consultant at Cambridge University Press.  Basically this means helping English Language Teachers use educational technology to help them enhance their lessons and deliver the same quality teaching online as face to face.  It also means helping them to understand their new roles online and how it all fits in with face to face teaching, assessment and student support.  She has been an EFL teacher for 13 years in 7 different countries and has a DELTA and an MA in Online and Distance Education. 

About the Contributors

Dina Dobrou is an EFL teacher and freelance translator from Athens, Greece and has been working for over 16 years in language institutes in Athens, both as a teacher and a Director of Studies. She currently works for Eurognosi, an educational organisation in Greece and spends her summer teaching multicultural classes in the UK. She has recently started blogging at onair.edublogs.org.


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