New Directions

‘You cannot look in a new direction by looking harder in the same direction.’  Edison

I actually borrowed this quote from Michael Peluse who is the Managing Director, Cambridge ELT who was talking about how we all need to change as our environment changes.  He was talking about publishing as we enter the digital age but it applies just as well to how teaching and learning has to adapt as the landscape of new materials, ways of working and communicating change all around us.  It requires us not only to adapt to a new way of thinking but to develop the ability to adapt to constantly changing needs and demands of our learners and their sponsors, be they parents or employers.  Books and materials change.  Activities change.  Relationships change.

So, whether you’re teaching with Touchstone or any other online or blended learning product, you may need a bit of inspiration from time to time so here are just a few of the great resources that are out there to help you.  If you have any favourites of your own, do tell us!

Resources for Teachers

Teaching Online: A new skill set by Dewar and Whittington

An academic article on exactly this theme   Written in 2000, the article is quite ‘old’ but the notion of developing new skills for a changing environment still holds true.

An old favourite – the BBC’s Teaching English site.  This link is to a blog post on the kinds of skills that have been identified in online teachers.  Can you see where you are on the pyramid?

The full pyramid is represented here:

A similar theme is explored by Nicky Hockly in her post and subsequent discussion linking face to face and online teaching skills

The on teaching online blog is a bit more about the bigger picture of teaching online so moving away from individual interactions and thinking about creating a course framework or assessment strategy around the materials you are using.

Resource for Learners

And finally, a little something for the most important people in the process, our learners. 7 tips for developing online learning skills

So it seems there are plenty of us going in this new direction.  Let’s keep in touch!


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