What’s it all about?

During recent training with some very smart teachers in Moscow in October, it became apparent that teachers were feeling confident about some parts of the LMS, teaching using the programme and the Web 2.0 tools…but not all of them.  Everybody had different strengths and weaknesses and were worried about different components or activities or philosophies or had one idea of how to use something but wanted to try alternatives.

So, on the inspired suggestion of Olga from Samara, I have started this blog to keep putting out ideas for teaching, for using the platform and motivating students.  Every Monday there will be a post on a topic of the week, with technical How To’s and pedagogical What For’s with practical advice on different components and methodology.  Teachers are invited to share their practical ideas too, particularly if they try out something they heard on the blog.  From time to time we’ll hear from other trainers and even teachers who would like to talk about their experiences of how they adopted Touchstone with their learners.

I hope that this will become a resource for new and experienced teachers alike so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about and try out do let me know!



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